Food items and feeding schemes.

Our partner in Kliptown is called Falala, an organisation that teach poor communities how to cook vegetable soup in a very cost effective manner.
Once taught, the volunteers will start a soup kitchen for their community. These simple kitchens provide food to many hundreds off old people and children that otherwise would have remained hungry.  
We need volunteers that can be taught the basics so that, with our backing, they may start a feeding project of their own.  This photo was taken in Kliptown where plus minus 200 children depend on the broth they receive trice weekly.




Vegetable gardening.

Teaching les privileged communities a simple effective method of growing  vegetables that could greatly supplement their food supply is perhaps the most important skill that a family can acquire.  
Our partner, The Heart Foundation erected a nursery tunnel at another partner's premises, The House, a shelter for girls. In this photo girls are taught how to grow veggies in ordinary plastic bags. They will take this new found knowledge back to their communities.




Computer literacy.

Basic computer skills are taught. The functions off, and how to assemble computer components are explained.

Not only is computer knowledge of great assistance in preparing school projects, but will enable a girl to find employment.



Ethnic dancing.

Young girls from a Shelter for destitute children are taught how to act in plays and how to do cultural dances. 
The cultural dance troupe is very popular at social functions and fund raising events.
Photo was taken at our partner's shelter in Johannesburg. 


Learning how to produce sellable hand skills articles such as jewelry, bead artifacts, sewing, crocheting, ethnic dolls, sewing and making scrap wire objects provide  unemployed woman in Hillbrow with a means of survival.



It is unbelievable how many old people did not have the opportunity to learn how to read and write. They are keen to learn this art that would make them equal to the rest of society. We work with a literacy partner in Johannesburg to help. Some of these young women have never attended a formal school and have to be taught basic literacy.